Benefits of Aftercare Retailing

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Your clients and their beautiful new lashes are a walking billboard for you and your business, so it makes sense to want to help them maintain their lashes for longer. This is where aftercare retailing comes in!

Retailing is an important part of owning and running a lash boutique. It adds that all-important profitability, of course, but it also adds another layer of service to your customer's experience, and builds trust between you and your clients.

Educating your clients on the latest aftercare products for longer lasting lashes gives them the confidence to maintain their lashes at home, and results in higher customer satisfaction. Your customers trust you and the products you recommend, so it's important to associate your brand with quality products. 

Retailing aftercare products through your salon is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways of increasing your lash boutique profits. At Lash Holic Professional, we stock a range of carefully selected, quality aftercare & retail products including ilashcare Longer Life Coating Sealer, eyelash cleaning brushes, and lots more. Our products also offer very generous retail margins of around 50% GP on average. 

Click here to view our Aftercare and Retail range. 

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