LASH PAIN NO MORE - Part 2 of the Exercise Program for Lash Techs!



Hi again Lash lovers! 

As promised here is Part 2 of our FREE exercise program which has been designed SPECIFICALLY for Lash Technicans by the wonderful Exercise Phsyio Lauren Darben. 

In Part 2 we are going to concentrate on a few different things;

1. Further in depth exercises for you to do between your Lash appointments

2. Exercises you can (and should) do at home 

3. How you should set your lash station up to make sure it is as ergonomic as possible! 

We really hope you have enjoyed this blog series and would love to know your thoughts so please reach out to us at if you have any further questions, suggestions or comments - we would love to hear from you!


Further beneficial stretches for between Lashing sessions

Lauren suggests selecting a few to do between each session and rotating between all these exercises (inc the ones from Part 1) to make sure you are sharing the love and attention between all your muscle groups! 


Ideal stretches for you to do at home

Well beauties, that's it for all the exercises! Just to recap we have across Part 1 & 2;

1. Ideal micro stretches/exercises for you to do during your lashing appointments

2. Ideal stretches/exercises for you to do between your lashing appointments

3.Ideal stretches/exercises for you to do at home after your lashing appointments 


And last but not least......


Ergonomic Lash Station Setup 

Our lovely EP Lauren Darben has the following advice for you to ensure that are looking after your back, arms, hands and posture!

  • Adjust the height of the bed so you are able to sit with your back in a neutral position whilst lashing (ie; Think leaning forward from your hips with a broomstick resting on your back)
  • Avoid postures where you are hunched, chin on chest or reaching for far away items
  • Adjust the height of the lumbar support and back rest angle to assist with facilitating a neutral spine position to support your upper back
  • Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet rest firmly on the ground with a hip angle between 90 - 105 degrees (if you find you can't do this and reach the ground.... you need to invest in a footrest!)
  • Make sure you distribute your weight evenly across both of your feet


 A HUGE HUGE shout out once again to the lovely Lauren.... I know my wrists and back feel better already! Lauren is always available if you would like to know anymore about any of these exercises.... or if you have absolutely no idea how to implement any of her suggestions - just touch base and we will get you sorted out. 

As always,



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