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Our #1 product to help you increase profits WITHOUT charging more! We recently shared the Benefits of Aftercare Retailing as a simple and effective way of boosting your salon profits while providing a better level of service to your clients. At Lash Holic Professional, we’re not just wholesalers, we also have many years of experience running a lash boutique ourselves. All of the products we stock online are the products we personally have had success with and use with our own clients!

The number one selling product in our salon is our Lash Coating Sealer with added biotin. We LOVE this product as it is perfect for clients to take home and help maintain their lashes for longer in between visits. Our clients that use this product have noticed a huge difference!

Lash artist to lash artist, we hope you have already got your clients using a great lash cleaner to cleanse their lashes regularly, (if you don’t, click here to see the one we use and recommend) but some clients may still have retention issues due to their lifestyle. Our ilashcare Lash Coating Sealer is for those clients who just need that extra protection for their lashes.

This protective sealer is perfect to suggest to your clients who swim regularly, work out a lot, have oily skin, or wear a lot of makeup. Your clients will be happy as they will be coming back for infills with more lashes, which also means it will take less time to do their infills – win win!

 Reasons why we love this product:

  • Exclusively formulated for eyelash extensions
  • Gentle formula that protects and seals lash extensions from moisture, oil and dirt
  • Promotes the appearance of more vivid and glossy looking lash extensions
  • Helps strengthen lashes and promote longer wear
  • Water washable
  • Added biotin to help promote lash growth and nourish the natural lashes

 Directions for use:

 Apply sparingly at the roots of the lashes. Re-apply every 3 days.

Click here to visit the ilashcare Lash Coating Sealer product page.

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