Even as a Lash Artist myself with over 10 years of experience I still dread the phone call from a client letting me know that they have had a reaction to their eyelash extensions! Although this is a fairly uncommon occurrence, my preference of course would be to live in a magical land where I never receive those phone calls at all because allergic reactions don't exist!

Now I know that is probably somewhat of an unrealistic wish (only slightly) but I also knew when I started looking into lash extension reactions that there would be things that I could do on a day to day basis in my salon which would help minimise the risk of irritations or bad reactions.

Below I have listed two of my absolute favourite and very very simple things that I find are  essential and have definitely aided in my quest to have no allergic reactions or eye irritations at all!


That’s right, Yukiban tape is one of my all-time favourite products to use to help minimise the risk of irritation! Unlike other tapes, Yukiban is low irritation, latex free, still super super sticky and able to be used multiple times on your client aka it allows for repeated application! The other great benefit of Yukiban which is super important of course is that removing it doesn't hurt or sting the client. 


Although we sell all different eye pads to cater for everyone’s preference we actually avoid using eye pads in our salon that are not hydrogel such as Collagen eye pads. While side effects are rare, Collagen based eye pads can cause reactions such as itching, redness, irritation and bruising. The more sensitive or thin your client’s skin is the more likely they are to experience these side effects or have a bad reaction.

Hydrogel pads are amazing – not only do they provide relief to sore or sensitive areas, but they also protect act as a protective, cooling cushion. They also assist to heal and moisturise the undereye area and keep the skin smooth. There are so many additional benefits to hydro pads I have listed a few more below for you!

  • Protect from discomfort
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Gentle on even the most fragile or sensitive skin
  • A non-irritant
  • Protects skin from bacteria and bacterial infections
  • The cushion absorbs forces applied to the skin (Which helps when you are holding sharp tweezers!)

Here at Lashholic Pro we have found the most amazing ones! The ones we use are lightweight, easy to apply and so comfortable for our clients – if you were wanting to grab some to try we do a 10 pack for $9.95 just click here!





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