Coco & Camila Stockist Ultimate Pack

Coco & Camila Stockist Ultimate Pack

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The Coco & Camila Original Cleansing Cloth is specifically designed to remove makeup, gently exfoliate and unclog your pores without affecting the ph levels in your skin.

The Coco & Camila Original Cleansing Cloth is eco-friendly, cruelty free and most importantly lash-friendly, perfect for your clients!

The benefits of the Coco & Camila Cloth:

  • Removes dirt and makeup from your face using only warm water
  • Ideal for sensitive skin types, or people who aren't avid skin care users
  • Reusable, washable cloth, more environmentally friendly than disposable wipes
  • Chemical free
  • Each cloth has a plush side to gently remove makeup and a dense side to buff and polish your skin

Stockist Ultimate Pack comes with 10 x Coco & Camila packs (2 cloths per pack), 10 x Coco & Camila mitt and 10 x XL cloths. 

Includes all stock images to use in your marketing and on your social media.

The best retail you will ever see at your boutique!