Impressions - Brow Henna Medium Brown Refill

Impressions - Brow Henna Medium Brown Refill

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Impressions Cosmetics have developed a milder Henna that is perfect for delivering exceptional henna results on the brows.


new hybrid revolution in henna brows 

- ultimate staining power 2-5 mins 

- micro milled for silk smooth application 

- peroxide and ammonia free 

- can be used on brow lamination ! 
50 application in 1 bottle 0.78 per client! 
comes with 

measurement spoon

mixing dish

For best results we recommend only using activator with our henna we can’t guarantee results other wise. 


available in 

Colours lightest to darkest


caramel brown recommend for blondes and fair skin

light brown blondes and light brunettes (neutral brow) 

chestnut (warm version of light brown ) 

brownie (warm under tones ) 

medium brown