Ultimate Bronsun Starter Kit + BONUS Brow Sticks

Ultimate Bronsun Starter Kit + BONUS Brow Sticks

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Consisting of 4 key products the Ultimate Bronsun Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started with the newest beauty trend sweeping the market. The perfect upsell for your service menu the newest and most innovative brow technology designed to deliver results. Clients are raving about the newest beauty trend giving you flawless brows for longer. 

1. 7 Colour Bronsun Brow Dye - varying shades: While other tints last on your skin for a few days, the Bronsun HD Hybrid Brow Dye lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hair giving your clients longer lasting results that will keep them wanting more!

2. Bronsun Milk Cream Developer 3% 20ml: A must have for the Bronsun Dye; get the best results out of your Bronsun HD Hybrid Brow Dye with Bronsun Milk Cream Developer 3% (20ml). Specifically made for Bronsun Hybrid dye, the milk-cream oxidant ensures the most consistent colour for both lashes and brow dye with Bronsun products.

3. Bronsun Removal Composition for dye 20ml: Ensure a seamless removal of excess dye from the skin with the specially formulated Bronsun Removal Composition (20ml) Designed to remove Bronsun Dye quickly and effectively the Bronsun Removal Composition is ideal for use when tidying up brows during a treatment or after treatment is completed.

4. Mayamy 4 Piece Brow Master Brush Set: Designed to increase your accuracy when applying brow products and making the application process quick and easy; the synthetic pile is ideal for lash & brow tinting.

BONUS: 50 long disposable micro cotton sticks ideal for getting the crispest looking brows!. The micro cotton applicator allows you to perfectly shape the brows giving your clients the perfect brows, every time. 


New to Bronsun Hybrid Dye? We are releasing a HD Brow Masterclass in 2021! Complete the below expression of interest if you would like to keep up to date on when we release course dates: UPCOMING TRAINING – Lash Holic Professional